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שימור דם טבורי סיפורים אישיים
"I know that I've received my life as a gift... I am very grateful for the cord blood donation and to my parents who supported me all along the way. Therefore I've decided to add the name Chaim (life) as my middle name. I am aware of the fact that without the cord blood, I would not have a life."

- From the story of Joseph Chaim Karako.

Thousands of families who have undergone cord blood transplantations tell us that if they had only had a chance to preserve their children's cord blood, along with the awareness of its ability to save their lives, they would have done it without any hesitation!
stories_iconThe second life of Joseph Chaim
Joseph Chaim, who had severe leukemia, underwent cord blood transplantation at Sheba, and got his life back. "I know that I've received my life as a gift… Without the cord blood, I would not have a life.
Filmed interview (Hebrew)
Yossi Karako

stories_iconI advise mothers to preserve cord blood and to save lives
The story of Shoshi Malka, whose son, who suffered from Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome, underwent cord blood stem cell transplantation and recovered.
Filmed interview (Hebrew)
nethanel malka

stories_iconCord blood is our miracle
An interview with Olga Yablonski – Her daughter, who had leukemia, underwent cord blood stem cell transplantation at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, and recovered.
Filmed interview (Hebrew)
michel yablonski

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Taburit, Israel's largest cord blood bank, provides services of cord blood collection, preservation of the stem cells isolated from it and their insurance. Taburit operates in collaboration with Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. Preservation of cord blood at Taburit is carried out in accordance with stringent international standards. Taburit is committed to high quality in procedures of collection and preservation of cord blood derived from the umbilical cord of the newborn.