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As an integral part of the service, Taburit provides to all of her clients unique insurance policy. Here is a summary of the policy terms for Meuhedet "C" clients.

Manner in which cover is guaranteed As an integral part of the Taburit service, newborn Insurance is provided from the moment that the child is born and for 15 years thereafter.
Incorporated into the insurance policy consecutively without any need to change the terms.
The insurance cover NIS 1 million
Underwriting No need for a health declaration regarding the newborn.
The cover Stem cell transplant or infusion from any source, from the Insured himself or from another donor, into the Insured’s body due to an illness contracted by the Insured, if the transplant is essential to safe the Insured's life.
Interfaced with Basic Basket and/or Additional Health Services (beyond the limits of entitlement under the Health Fund) Alternative Insurance. The alternative to services provided by the public Basket of Health and/or the Additional Health Services. Compensation will be paid independent of entitlement to rights on the basic levels, from the first shekel.
There is no obligation to exhaust entitlement by the beneficiary within the framework of the Health Fund before activating the policy.
Funding the costs of using the umbilical blood or transplanting stem cells from any source Full cover, complete and comprehensive for each medical procedure involved in transplanting the stem cells from any source whatsoever, including hospitalization and drugs.
Activating the Policy Approval by two objective physicians (independent of the approval by the Insurance Company's physician).
Cover for all types of stem cells Yes
Restriction to use only for a specific disease No
Cover for self-transplantation Yes
Cover for transplant in Israel or abroad Yes
Cover of expenses ancillary to the transplant abroad Yes
Compensation in the case that there is also cover by another entity NIS 50,000
Cover in the event that the unit of cord blood is unsuitable for implanting Yes
Cover for locating and finding an alternative unit in Israel or abroad Yes
Qualification period None
Deductible None
Flying a medical specialist to Israel Yes
Dependent upon an existing insurance policy No
Option to extend to family insurance policy Option of extending insurance cover to the family policy. The policy covers parents and siblings of the newborn.

Subject to a declaration of health by the family members (excluding the newborn).

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Taburit, Israel's largest cord blood bank, provides services of cord blood collection, preservation of the stem cells isolated from it and their insurance. Taburit operates in collaboration with Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. Preservation of cord blood at Taburit is carried out in accordance with stringent international standards. Taburit is committed to high quality in procedures of collection and preservation of cord blood derived from the umbilical cord of the newborn.