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Banking at Taburit

Because you deserve the best!
Only Taburit will provide you with the most professional service at the highest standards, including collection, preservation at the cord blood bank at the Sheba medical center and coverage of all the expenses associated with the usage, in time of need. Only preservation at a private cord blood bank ensures a 100% match for the newborns themselves and a high probability of a match for their family members.
At the crucial moment, you can rely on Taburit!
Taburit's Service
Taburit, a family cord blood bank, will provide you with a unique and high quality umbilical cord blood collection and preservation service that can be in use of your child or your family. We provide the highest professional level along with extensive insurance coverage, ensuring the use of cord blood stem cells that were stored for a life saving purpose and coverage of all the medical treatment expenses.

Taburit's Advantages
Because you deserve the best!
24 hour service Sterile collection bags suitable for operating rooms as well Stringent international standards Constant quality control Tests of the mother’s blood and the umbilical cord blood
Cryopreservation bags with two compartments Cryopreservation for 20 years at the Sheba cord blood bank A unique insurance policy.

Taburit's Insurance
For the first time in the world, Taburit has enhanced the service it provides by adding the ultimate security for the future generation – a financial insurance policy including biological insurance. Taburit provides you with financial security at the critical moment through an insurance policy covering all the expenses involved in using a blood unit you’ve stored for your child, together with the therapeutic means – umbilical cord blood

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Taburit, Israel's largest cord blood bank, provides services of cord blood collection, preservation of the stem cells isolated from it and their insurance. Taburit operates in collaboration with Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. Preservation of cord blood at Taburit is carried out in accordance with stringent international standards. Taburit is committed to high quality in procedures of collection and preservation of cord blood derived from the umbilical cord of the newborn.