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Dr. Arie (Yoki) Giniger, Head of Scientific Development of Taburit Group, combines professional knowledge of pharmacology with rich management experience and extensive public activity. This combination of capabilities helps him greatly in shaping the company’s image and navigating it through the developing market of cord blood preservation in Israel and worldwide. It is Giniger’s goal to advance and develop the group in scientific-technological terms, in business-financial terms, and in terms of the public by raising awareness of the importance of cord blood preservation.

Giniger, born in Tel Aviv, resident of Kfar Shmaryahu, married with two children, holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacological Sciences from Columbia University in the US. For years, he served as CEO of leading Israeli cosmetics companies, including Taya Israel Cosmetics and Careline (Pharmagis). In addition, he served as the chief scientist at the international pharmaceutical company Schering-Plough in the US, and then as the scientific and commercial director at Agis in Israel. In addition, he was involved in management of companies in the fields of communication, investments, and real estate; he worked with start-up companies such as Innocent, Tamarkin Pharmaceutical Innovation, Fertilizers & Chemicals, etc. Giniger served in the past and currently serves as a director in various private and public companies.

Along with his professional and business activities, Giniger dedicates time and energy to public issues in various organizations and institutions. He also served as a member and chairman of the Cosmetics division of the Manufacturers Association of Israel, a member of standardization committees at the Standards Institution of Israel, a founding member of GS1 Israel – an association to promote the use of barcodes in Israel (where he served as president for two terms in the period during which the barcode system was implemented in Israel), a member of the Israel Chemical Society, and chairman of the bi-national committee on cosmetics with the US-Israel Science and Technology Commission. Giniger was also the founder of the Israel Society of Cosmetic Chemists and is a member of the American Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

As part of his public activity, Giniger is an authority on issues of cosmetics legislation around the world, and is involved in the process of international harmonization of cosmetics regulations. Giniger represents Israel in international organizations, including the European Cosmetics Association (COLIPA), which has a great impact on commerce with Israel.

In addition to this activity, which touches on his business activities, Giniger contributes part of his time to other public issues as well. He is a member of the board of directors of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, chairman of Israel Museum Products (the company that runs the Museum shops and sells its products in Israel and around the world), and a council member and deputy head of the Kfar Shmaryahu local council. In this capacity, he is a member of various committees managing the town, and even served as acting head of council during the period of elections for local council head, August-November 2005.

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Taburit, Israel's largest cord blood bank, provides services of cord blood collection, preservation of the stem cells isolated from it and their insurance. Taburit operates in collaboration with Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer. Preservation of cord blood at Taburit is carried out in accordance with stringent international standards. Taburit is committed to high quality in procedures of collection and preservation of cord blood derived from the umbilical cord of the newborn.